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Welcome to My world

I was 8 years old when I discovered game development. While all my friends were learning how to write and read I made my first steps in the big virtual world, creating websites, games, animations, movies and even music. How did I start?

You can find me on:
  • GameDev Market (4 Stars Seller)
  • Unity Assetstore (5Stars Seller)
  • Codester (5 Stars Seller) Popular Projects

  • Things that I have done but are not in Portfolio

    What can I do?

    My name is Martin Ciepiel and I love to create. I do not only create games but also arts, textures, 2d/3d, models, music, videos, trailers, posters, robots, tutorials, books... everything.

    Here is a little preview of things that I have done but I did not post to portfolio:
    • I have started to hire people when I was 10
    • Leaflet and tickets for Forced2Mode Band (Depeche Mode Covers)
    • I was prezenter in school's 3rd floor open
    • I have done a lot of trailers and videos for Big Youtube channels (1m+ Subs)
    • I understand social media marketing, as my family works in second best marketing company in Poland.
    • I was a partner with Machinima and got a lot of positive reviews with Web Development business.
    • 10 years of games development gave me experience in a lot of business fields
    • I am learning PHP,MySQL, C#, C++, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Python, Wordpress and a lot more languages
    • I am learning japanese, polish, english and I am going to learn spanish after master japanese that year
    • I love science of psyhics, social-engineering and how the time works (I wrote my first scientistic article about my own Time Theory).

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