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Welcome to the preview of the main project I am creating right now.

Trailer of the Game 13/07/2017. Created just for fun with own music remix.

At first, I didn't want to create that game. It had to be only a project for sell to UnityAssetstore shop, but one day a friend asked me to finish Alpha version and release that game. He is a youtuber so he could easily advertise my project and that is why I am creating that game right now.


You can find that project on Unity Assetstore (5star): Assetstore Link.

News from Game: Twitter.

It has to be a new, simple 2D Sandbox Game that will not evolve to boring RPG project. I hired programmer that helps me with system and optimizations to make faster progress. My idea was to make a story line in game that is just a side-quest job. Player can discover the planet, meet NPCs, listen their stories (every NPC has to tell a part of the whole story, and if player want to know everything, he must to find all NPCs), build and many many more. This is a game released by myself so, I am not limited with any ideas by third-party businesses. That is why I draw sweet, little chickens following the player during day time, but killing us as a zombies at night. There is a huge story to tell... and at the end of December I hope to finally release the Alpha.


AND FROM 15/05/2017 TO 04/07/2017

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