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FPS Multiplayer - 3K Weekly players!


As I remind in Personal Statement I lost my all projects in just one day. It was in 2013 when I decided to create FPS Mutliplayer Game. I've started with Unity and after learned the basics I had create demo of that game and I advertised myself on YouTube. A lot people helped me. I had got about 3,000 online players per week (on free servers yet). Everything went fine, I wanted to release official game so, I created crowdfunding on IndieGOGO but something wierd happened. When I opened my notebook I realised that all my datas and backups dissapeared. Windows update system just deleted all my projects: music, my book, games, everything. I couldn't got back my data (Even IT services didn't know what to do it), so I decided to make a little break. I said that I was not going to create games for a while, and that I would came back in 2014 with a huge project on a board.

I have done only 1 game in 2014. That was Horror Game that was in TOP12 on IndieDB.com for about 6months. What is great because I made that game in only 12 hours. That was just a skills test. I made it for free either.

I will never give up. Now I am releasing 2 games with about 1 million viewers campaign for first week.

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