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My first project

How did I start?

It wasn't really good start to create games. Everyone said that I couldn't try and that I was not able to create anything because I didn't have any skills and... they never tried to help me. For almost 2 years I heard only sentences like that. But I never gave up... I just started to create games in Games Factory 2.0 and then I learned how the whole system works. I knew it, that game development were going to be my life and now in 2017 it really is... forever.

My lovely game category: MMORGPs.

After 1 year of Games Development I tried something better than the Games Factory 2.0. I always wanted to create 3D MMORPG game, but I didn't know where to start. I found an Eclipse Evolution engine and then I learned how to create maps, editors, how to write websites and many many more. That was a time when I was advertising my games on YouTube so I catched every job in almost 2 years.

I tried to make 3D game, but there was no help

I found a Game Maker engine, but I could not find any help for 3d games using this engine that time. I just started to create games like GTA 1/2 for fun and to play with my friends. It was a short time, because I had a lot of school and I stopped to work on games for short time.

I recorded tutorials for game developers on youtube, and I discovered that there were more developers in the world than I thought before.

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