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RPG GAME for fun

Why only Demo?

RPG UI and Icons (Package used in that project - made by me)

While I had a break in creating 2D Sandbox I was little bored. I realised that, I have started to create games because I wanted to create real RPG Game. That is why I came up with the idea of DEMO RPG.

This is going to be 10 minute+ gameplay of RPG like Witcher 3. But... not exactly like Witcher. I love to create something fresh, new so I accidentally I came up with the scenario to this game.

Short story to not take your time

You appear in a forest. Extremely original. I decided to create 10minutes gameplay with a lot of USPs and test if people will play that. What are my strong USPs?

  • Graphics(I think in fine quality) + I am changing UI right now
  • Scenario(Connection of Antiquity and other Dimensions)
  • Dubbing and original voices (In Polish because of Game atmosphere)
  • One Mission, One Boss, A lot of side fun
  • Living AI (They are going to have realistic behaviours )
  • Fantastic easter eggs. Trolls, stories, connections to present time and youtubers
  • Best marketing from my Youtube Friends

In short. I will create DEMO that will attract people by dubbing (realistic, vulgar,) and well created AI. When you will get the fight with Boss (Something from other dimension) you will able to go through Portal to other dimension. This is where the Demo ends. If Customers wish to play Full Version I am going to run Kickstarter and... just finish the game.

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