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Innovative? Only if I am first!

It's just a very simple look at my idea. I have full PR idea, Full marketing idea, and full project written down and designed with placeholders.

Basically, I came up with the idea that must be done quickly before someone else will finish it. I am sure someone is working on project like that but... I have not heard anything similar to it... so it's time for me to be the first.

Imagine a world where you have completely everything. You don't need money. Want to play piano? Just download it. Want to play lego? Download it! Want toys, books, new PC? Download it!

I was sitting in my chair when I thought "Why don't make everything for everyone". I know how the business works but this is a Portfolio. Let's stay with "big idea" instead of "lot of money". There are a lot of applications for VR/AR that could gives us a piano, toys, animations but... There were no PR like that.

I will create Second World with PR of "HAVE EVERYTHING"

Now I am making TV App for myself. I bought really cheap amazon VR Holder for my phone only to test my apps. I want to create huge TV with controller to it, and watch movies in my own virtual world.

It's my first application in AR/VR so I will make it progressively. I will finish TV with Controller at Monday (18-12-2017) then I will create SHOP Button to "take for free" a Shelf. Then I have an idea to create LEGO SET and watch movie, playing my own lego set on my own shelf... You know how powerful it might be.

Officialy it is crazy idea but if not us... someone else will take it in a future. I have tons of ideas with abilities to make them real for that project.

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